steward_logo“Do we ever take the initiative in giving our time, talent, and treasure, or do we always wait to be asked?”

There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone.  To each individual the manifestations of the Spirit is given for some benefit.  1Cor 12:4-11

Letter from Fr. Steve Hoyt – Stewardship 2017

Letter from Fr. Steve Hoyt – Stewardship 2017- Espanol

We are all invited to share our time, talents, and treasure with our parish in service of our Lord, in thanksgiving for everything that we have and everything we are.  If you would like to sign-up for a St. Francis of Assisi ministry, go to:

Online Stewardship Sign-Up Link

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